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Environmental commitment

Waste management is the set of necessary activities for the treatment of waste, from its generation to its elimination or reuse. Among others, the most important objectives are the prevention of the generation of waste and minimizing it when it occurs. 

The main goal of waste management is to reduce environmental pollution, largely affected by the generated waste in industrial or domestic processes. Proper waste management prevents from reaching uncontrolled and illegal dumping, although there is still a large number of them distributed throughout the world.

Inadequate management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste contributes to soil and water contamination, deterioration of the natural landscape and urban centers, affecting public health as a consequence due to the proliferation of disease-transmitting substances.

At TENECICLA we carry out this comprehensive waste management with the utmost care, complying with all current regulations and providing our clients with all the legally required documentation and certification.